The Glanmore Property Fund

« Important: Interim Financial Statements to 30th June 2013 now available for viewing and download, please go to the Literature page. »

Investment Manager:
Tilney Asset Management International Limited

Property Adviser: CBRE

Fund Overview and Strategy

An Introduction
The Glanmore Property Fund is a specialist UK commercial property fund established in 1997 to provide both onshore / offshore private investors and pension funds (SIPPs and SASSs) with the opportunity to participate in the higher yielding sector of the UK commercial property market through a professionally managed, specialist investment vehicle.

The Fund enables investors to spread their risk over a broad range of properties, the cost of which would normally be prohibitively expensive for a single private investor.

The Fund holds 19 properties, as at 31st March 2014, (including warehousing, office, leisure and retail) spread geographically across the country.

For a more in-depth look at the Fund and market, please go to the literature page where the latest quarterly report can be downloaded.

Important Note – redemptions
There is a postponement in place of up to 72 months.