The Glanmore Property Fund

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Manager: Cardales Management Limited

Property Adviser: CBRE

Fund Administrator and Share services: Northern Trust

Price (valuation point 31 December, 2015): £3.067 (per share)

Important Shareholder Announcement:

EGM Results:  To see the outcome of the Court Meeting and the EGM, please go to the Investor Relations page.

Fund Overview and Strategy

An Introduction The Glanmore Property Fund is a UK commercial property fund established in 1997 to provide both onshore / offshore private investors and pension funds (SIPPs and SSASs) with the opportunity to participate in the higher yielding sector of the UK commercial property market through a professionally managed, specialist investment vehicle. The Fund holds 8 properties, as at 31 December 2015, (including warehousing, office, leisure and retail) spread geographically across the country. For the most recent information, please go to the literature page where the latest quarterly report can be downloaded.

Important Notes
Website Access – Please note that you are required to submit an online application form to access further pages on this website. Please complete all necessary details when prompted. Each application request and the information submitted is reviewed manually.

Subscriptions – The Fund is not currently accepting new subscriptions.

Redemptions – There is currently a postponement in place of up to 87 months. months from the date that the redemption request is received by Northern Trust, the Fund’s administrators. To download the redemption request form, click here.

The Glanmore Property Dollar Fund, Euro Fund and Accumulation Fund Limited – have been liquidated and transferred in specie into the Glanmore Property Fund. All queries relating to these Funds should be directed to the Administrators Jamie Toynton or Alan Roberts at Grant Thornton +44 1481 753400.

Stock Transfer Requests – To download the stock transfer request form,click here .

For historic documentation, please contact